August 03, 2016

Largest Drug Consumption Room of the World Opens in Copenhagen

Please watch a photo gallery from the world's largest drug consumption room that was opened yesterday in Copenhagen! 

H17 is a new drug consumption room that was opened yesterday. It is partly funded by the City of Copenhagen. 1000 m2 space for people who use drugs where they can smoke and inject drugs in a sterile, supervised, supportive environment, not disturbing the neighborhood. People can access other services here as well, nurses can take care of their wounds and abscesses, the staff provides psychosocial support and consultation. The drug consumption room works in very close cooperation with a nearest drug treatment centre, so if people feel motivated to quit they can do so quite easily.  H17 is the result of many years of advocacy work and it opens a new chapter in the history of drug consumption rooms.

The photos were taken by Nanna W. Gotfredsen (Danish Street Lawyers), Sune Kehlet, Cicilie S. Andersen and Kasper Løftgaard!  


Drug Consumption Room H17, Copenhagen, Denmark
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