Danish literature

Legislation regulating drug consumption rooms

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Stofindtagelsesrum og Skadesreduktion, STOF nr 27, 2016 - nr 28, 2017.

Nanna Kappel, Eva Toth, Jette Tegner and Sigurd Lauridsen, A qualitative study of how Danish drug consumption rooms influence health and well-being among people who use drugs, Harm Reduction Journal, 2016; 13: 20.

Drug use contributes to higher rates of morbidity and mortality among people who use drugs compared to the general population. In 2012, Danish politicians passed a law that allowed drug consumption rooms (DCRs) to operate; among the objectives were to improve the well-being of vulnerable citizens and to reduce the number of overdoses. Five Danish DCRs are currently being operated. This article presents results from a national investigation focused on assessing the impact of Danish drug consumption rooms on the health and well-being of DCR clients and factors facilitating the acceptance of DCR clients in order to improve their health and refer them onward to social and health service providers.

Elizabeth N Kinnar, Chanelle J Howe, Thomas Kerr and al., Self-reported changes in drug use behaviors and syringe disposal methods following the opening of a supervised injecting facility in Copenhagen, Denmark, Harm Reduction Journal, 2014; 11: 29.

In Denmark, the first standalone supervised injecting facility (SIF) opened in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro neighborhood on October 1, 2012. The purpose of this study was to assess whether use of services provided by the recently opened SIF was associated with changes in injecting behavior and syringe disposal practices among people who inject drugs (PWID). We hypothesized that risk behaviors (e.g., syringe sharing), and unsafe syringe disposal (e.g., dropping used equipment on the ground) had decreased among PWID utilizing the SIF.

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